Key points and expected results

The key objectives of the project are:

• The utilization of existing structurally diverse libraries of natural products to serve as a pre-selection platform for the focused discovery of scaffold acting as cosmeceutical agents using high throughput in silico and in vitro methods.
• Exploitation of the Alpine and Mediterranean biodiversity for the discovery of novel candidates to be developed as possible cosmeceuticals.
• Development, optimization and application of emerging “green” extraction methods and incorporation of state-of–the-art miniaturized approaches and advanced analytical techniques such as microfractionation, cap-NMR, etc for the bioactivity-oriented isolation and structure elucidation of the active constituents.
• Application of a comprehensive panel of bioassays and integration of metabolomic approaches for the evaluation of cosmeceutical properties of the active agents.
• Development of innovative lead products for cosmeceutical applications and utilization of metabolic profiling techniques (HPTLC-, UV-, MS-, NMR-based) for the optimization and quality assessments.
• The stablishment of a balanced and extensive network of academic and private sector entities aiming to the exchange of know-how, enrichment and broadening of scientific knowledge and enhancement of collaboration potentials.
• Exploitation of emerging techniques, novel approaches and advanced methodologies produced in the academic environment for the benefit of the companies involved and establishment of dynamic synergies between Industry and Academia through exploitation of complimentary expertise and mutual understanding in different environments and skills. 
• Enhancement of the competitiveness of the European industries in the area of cosmeceuticals and broadening the potentialities for the development of optimized products in favor of the consumers and the society.