The main concept of NATPROTEC is to exploit the  biodiversity of the Mediterranean and Alpine areas based  on in silico calculations of existing compounds libraries.  From 300 plant species which will be collected, 600 extracts will be produced and the 20 most promising  extracts will be selected for further phytochemical investigation.

In terms of bioevaluatoin of the data, the project with  study skin protective effects, anti-ageing properties, anti-hyperpigmentation activity, and physicochemical  characteristics which will be evaluated for the existing compounds libraries, produced extracts, microfractions,  as well as isolated compounds. The metabolomic approach  will be applied in biomaterial for characterizing the  physiological response to derived extracts, microfractions and compounds.

From this work, the 20 most promising extracts will be microfractionated and the possible biomarkers will be isolated and structurally identified. NMR- and MS-based metabolic profiling will be applied for the determination of the optimum source of the four most active extracts.

Optimization of extraction techniques for the pilot scale production of lead extracts (and/or enriched extracts) will be performed and the formulation of lead products will be investigated. The developed methodology and the commercialization potential of final products will be evaluated in a feasibility study in the cosmeceutical industries. Overall the objective of NATPROTEC is to transfer knowledge and expertise from Academia to Industry and vice versa.